March 21, 2019

Types and Benefits of Foam Rollers

Self my facial also known as Foam rollers are the new and a unique way of exercising. These rollers are used by many athletes because of its phenomenal massaging techniques. Along with massages these rollers helps in tightening of muscles and triggering muscle toning. If you get a sore muscle due to heavy training than these rollers are also effective in keeping these muscles in place. They are cheap, easy to handle and starts from 10-30 dollars. Foam rollers can be used at home too.

How Does Foam Rollers works?

Foam rollers are used to increase the relaxation of muscles but to increase the muscle density along with relaxation it is better to use cable pulley machines. It does not put much strain on the muscles and it also help them to grow and without getting them strained.

Foam rollers help to relax tighten muscles; its deep compression softens the tight adhesion formed in between layers of tight muscles. It works as a tenderizing unit that soothes out the muscle tension and makes it soft and supple like a baby’s skin because if the muscles are not taken care properly they can become stiff and result into painful daily activities.

It deep compression releases the normal blood flow in the body that helps in restoring muscle smoothness and develop healthy muscle tissues. Body has always the tendency to restore its injured and stiff tissues to the normal and healthy one but with an extra boost of foam rollers massage the process of restoration increases.

Following are four types of Foam Rollers that have unique qualities and have different benefits.

Low-Density foam rollers

These rollers are made up of the lightest material. These rollers are best if you have stiffed muscle from a hardcore exercise. These rollers increase the blood flow and give you the relaxing massage and prevent muscles from severe injury risk.

Medium Density Foam Rollers

Medium Density rollers are used for every kind of exercise and are best for stretching. It pushes up the blocked clogged muscle and increases fresh blood flow. A hard workout can make your muscle stiff so it is important to massage the body on foam roller before starting a tough exercise.

Firm Foam Rollers

If you need deep hard massage than this roller is the best choice for you. This roller provides quick recovery from a stiff tissue and prevents exercise muscle injury. This foam roller is the first choice of many athletes

Short Foam Rollers

This foam roller is handy and you can take it wherever you want it. This roller is used for a smaller part of the body. These rollers provide instant relief on a specific stiff part of the body.

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