March 22, 2019

5 ways to protect yourself from air pollution

We list 5 DIY ways to keep air pollution and its harmful effects at bay.

Air pollution getting you down? You cannot do much about the rising pollution levels in your city, but you can certainly take measures to protect yourself. Here are 5 measures to try –

1 Buy an air purifier mask. The simplest and most proactive step you can take towards keeping air pollution at bay, is to invest in an air purifier mask online. There are a variety of options in air purifier masks online, but be sure to get the best one because it will be the most effective. The best air purifier masks online offer up to 98% filtering action against particulate matter, soot, dust, moisture droplets and toxic gases. They are also fitted with micro fans to keep the inside of the mask cool for up to 2.5 hours for every use. The best air purifier masks online are manufactured by leading brands that deliver the products direct to your home.

2 Invest in air conditioner or air purifier units for the home. Install a central air-conditioning system for your house, or buy air purifier units for each room. These are essential if you live close to a main arterial road in your city with dense traffic, or if there is constant construction activity in the locality, or if there is a perpetual smog cover in the sky most days of the year.

3 Spend as much time in green environs as you can. There is a reason why your soul calms down in green areas – the natural green cover soothes your eyes, and trees provide purer air by processing carbon dioxide to offer oxygen. The green cover might be depleting fast in your city, but you can do your bit by planting air purifying plants like basil and rosemary at home. Meanwhile, seek out open public spaces with ample greenery to spend time in.

4 Take a break and head for purer climes. Constant exposure to air pollution can cause several physical and mental ailments. From respiratory problems to anxiety, air pollution is directly or indirectly responsible for a host of health concerns. Make it a point to head to higher altitudes with pure and crisp air whenever you can. Go for a trek in the mountains, spend time in an area with heavy rainfall (where the dust and pollution settle down and are washed away) or take a breather in a hill station close by. Your lungs need time to recuperate with fresh air, and these measures can keep you in good health.

5 Eat and drink to detox. Apart from external influences, it is important to purify the body from the inside as well. The food and beverages you consume play a big role in promoting better health. Your body needs help in eliminating the toxin build-up in the system. Make it a point to eat a lot of seasonal produce to provide fibre for efficient waste removal, and drink green/chamomile/turmeric-ginger tea to flush out toxins and keep the system hydrated.